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For those who rest by hotel voucher 3 therapeutic procedures in SPA-center by doctor’s prescription are included in the price.

SPA Personal will choose personal program for each Resort Center «Raduga» guest

The aim of the program is health improvement, body relaxation and anti-aging program. Program is developed by a specialist personally for every of our guest.

Preparations used for SPA procedures favorably affect human organism through the skin, improve metabolism, have a positive impact on blood circulation, remove toxins and wastes from the organism, and improve skin condition. Overall health is improved resulting in good mood. You are in good shape and get the energy boost.
1. Hydrotherapy (pearl, oxygen, aromatic, Zalmanov’s baths). This procedure relieves stress, improves sleep, skin became soft, supple and smooth, supply of oxygen is improved throughout the body, blood pressure lowers.
2. Salt room.
3. Sauna.
4. Aromatherapy (100% essential oils). Essential oils are the stored energy of nature. They affect human well-being by influencing on his/her subtle energy layers. Almost all fragrances can be divided into three main groups - stimulating, calmant and normalizing brain function.
5. Colon hydrotherapy (mechanical purgation). Large intestine purgation from great number of fecal stones, mucus, pathogens, or parasites.
6. Massage.
7. Beautician services: various anti-aging packs, acne treatment, face cleaning, permanent makeup, depilation, pressure therapy.
8. Herbal teas.

Therapeutic treatments

1. Phototherapy (ultraviolet lamp for ray treatment of the upper respiratory tract in case of acute respiratory viral infection, flu and other respiratory illnesses.) Photochemical processes take place during UV rays treatment, and lead to changes in protein cells structures secreting biologically active substances that affect blood circulation and tissues nutrition.
2. Inhalation (soda, oil, medicated). Treatment of colds, acute respiratory viral infection, influenza, pharyngitis, laryngotracheitis, bronchitis.
3. UST (ultrasound therapy) and magnet therapy  (diseases of musculoskeletal system, digestive system, nervous system)..
4. SCM (Sinusoidal Current Modelling) therapy  (diseases of the peripheral nervous system followed by pain, arthritis, arthrosis, etc.) - improves blood circulation, reduces venous stasis, reduces tissues puffiness and owing to this gives anesthetic effect. As a result the intensity of metabolic and oxidation-reduction processesincreases, as well as energy potential and functionality of nervous tissue. The area of ​​influence depends on the nature and location of the disease: abdominal organs, upper and lower limbs, head and spinal area.
5. Electrotherapy (electrophoresis and galvanic mud). Simultaneously drugs and ions of medicated mud are administered. DC action on the body is determined by the passage of current through the tissue and cause physical and chemical dislocations, i.e. during the therapy of galvanizing skin receptors irritation takes place. As a result regulatory and trophic function of the nervous system is increased, blood circulation and brain materia metabolism is improved, regeneration of damaged nerves is accelerated, lymph circulation takes place and liver secretion function is increased.
6. Swimming-pool.

Enjoy your treatment and stay in our Center!

Hydrotherapy, sauna, aromatherapy, colon hydrotherapy, herbal teas, massage and beautician services – FEE PAYING!

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